Glazed Porcelain Waves In Wood

Glazed Porcelain Waves In Wood

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I  see water as visible energy.   Waves appear to be emerging from and cascading over the wood ridge.

These porcelain pieces began with 3 pieces of wood. I connected the wood by opposing directions of the rings that were revealed when originally cut. The new design of the opposing rings take on a flow as if water & energy. I then carved out the wood, following the flow.

Next step, sculpt with porcelain. While working the clay, my idea was energy and flow. I used the wood carving to texture the clay, and then formed the clay.

The pieces were fired, and received 2 glaze firings.

The wood blocks were cut and soaked in coffee & red wine.  I then carved out the insides using a drill press as a milling machine. 

Finally, the porcelain waves were adhered to the wood and then the wood was painted.