Handcrafted mala prayer natural gemstone bracelets, made in NJ by Weber's Art Studio.  Find a calmer mind, body & soul with 8mm gemstone bracelets in Earth Wood & Bone.

Beautiful Rose Quartz & Crystal Quartz Healing Mala Bracelet.

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Shop Earth Wood & Bone - Discover the healing power of natural gemstones with these yoga inspired Boho Chic style mala bead bracelets.  Set your intentions, count your prayers or simply enjoy the colors.  Stack with other bracelets or wear alone.

Rose Quartz is known as the love stone or the stone of marriage.  The rose quartz gemstone is said to attract romance, open the heart to love and promote fertility and self-worth. 

Quartz Crystal is also known as the master healer gemstone.  It is believed to amplify energy & thought, channel universal love, bring good health & balance, healing, meditation & protection.

Gemstones have strong frequencies and are worn for their healing properties and positive vibes.  They're also beautiful accessories that meld with any style.

8mm (natural) gemstone beads / elastic