Weber's Art Blog- How I've grown to enjoy cooking almost as much as I enjoy eating.

When I got married, at first I was so resistant to cook every night as part of my tasks. I wasn't good at it, I was annoyed by it and it really made me feel frustrated. On the flip side of that, I enjoy cooking competition shows and DVR them as if they are Game of Thrones.

Decorative upscale home accessories by Earth Wood & Bone

The change occurred when I began to see chefs as artists,  ingredients as medium and execution as experimentation and process. Both art & cooking have foundations with rules, principles of harmony, balance and contrast.  Once I applied these principles to cooking as artistry, the change was evident in my meals.

Don't get me wrong, I am not claiming to be an amazing chef!  I just now have a better relationship with cooking and appreciate all the possibilities and look forward to expanding my palette. 

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