Play With Clay

Posted by Debbie McCollum on

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Playing with clay is therapeutic, fun and a bridge to imagination.  It's a solid representation of an intangible thought.  If it's your first time since grammar school that you've even thought about getting your hands messy, I suggest getting to the art store or craft store and grabbing some modeling clay for kids.  This might take the pressure off of yourself that you just piled on.  
If you need ideas or tutorials, hop on Pinterest, there are tons.  Or, go with something that you might be familiar with, like cookies.  Even if it's from a pre-made package, I'm sure we've all mushed and formed cookie dough (and ate it raw).  Try it out, Trust me, You Will Have Fun.   Oh, also...make sure nobody eats the clay cookies!
Pinterest kids clay tutorials, Earth Wood Bone


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