How creating a 30 day daily draw challenge has impacted my life.

I've always been a write things down kinda girl, even when all of the great note apps became available on  my macbook pro, iphone & ipad.  Of course I've tried them all, with reminder notifications and pretty colors, etc.  They just never "stuck" with me.  

Writing things down imprints into your mind and doing tasks on a daily basis becomes a type of muscle memory which creates Good Habits.  Discipline has always worked with me when working on accomplishing goals, especially with school, college, martial arts training, weight lifting, yoga, etc.  It's the self discipline when nobody's looking that becomes the challenge.

Daily Draw Challenge by Earth Wood & Bone on the Studio Blog

After feeling a bit "all over the place" and lacking a "plan", I found the Commit30 Planner website.  I started by printing out some of their free downloads and found it rather easy to get into the motivation swing of things.  When I received the actual planner, things started to kick in to gear for me.  

I'm a big doodler, always have been.  It helps me think, it clears the cobwebs and sort of creates a path in my mind.  And of course, I LOVE cute colorful stickers.. who doesn't? I still have my sticker book from 3rd grade and my scratch n sniff stickers still smell!  When planning my days (I only plan one day at a time on the night before the next), I doodle, highlight, color & sticker up all over my entries.  It's fun, it makes me happy and takes the pressure off.  

Daily Draw Challenge by Earth Wood & Bone on the Studio Blog

There's a big community of other Commit30-ers on Facebook, and it's interesting to see what people are sharing as their goals, 30 day challenges and how they decorate.  It's supportive, encouraging, motivational and fun to share.  It's nice to have a place where there's no politics or arguing or judging.

This month, one of my 30 day challenges is to Draw Every Day.  I've tried this numerous times before, but this time it feels different.  Keeping track of it has caused this practice to be a great steady habit.  I do a small drawing at the end of the day, after dinner, while lounging on the couch with my husband and my dog.  I love it. See the pictures on this post link!  Hopefully I inspire others to do the same, you don't need to be an artist to start drawing.  You'll be surprised with the progress you make after doing it every day.

Daily Draw Challenge by Earth Wood & Bone on the Studio Blog

I highly recommend diving into the Commit30 atmosphere and enjoy reaching personal or professional goals.  

Do you keep track of your personal goals?  What is your favorite method? What are the challenges, if any?  I'd love to hear from you!

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