DIY Upcycled Wood Window Frame

I started this project in my mind years ago when I told my Dad to save the old windows on my Parents' house when they had new ones installed. One day in early Spring, I was in their garage (I mean, why wouldn't I be?) and the inspiration finally hit me and I brought a few home with me.

Here are the main steps I used:

1. Sand the wood frame.  
    • First I did it by hand, then I used a palm sander.
    2. Carefully break out the glass from the grid sections.
    • Wrap the window in a towel, place it in a contractor garbage bag and use a hammer to break the glass.
    3. Remove any sharp objects. 
    4. Paint wood with chalk furniture paint. 
    • Brands used: ArtMinds, Rust-Oleum
    5. Attach hanging hardware.
    6. Attach screw hooks in each grid section.


    The adorable & funky Air Plants work beautifully in adding vibrant life to finish the look. The whimsical shadows that they create on the wall add depth and movement.

    I have a few more windows to transform & I can't wait to receive the possibilities!

     For more info about caring for Air Plants: Caring for Air Plants


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