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Have you set any goals for yourself yet this November? 

If not, I have some 30 day challenge ideas to get you started.


Set goals with 30 day challenges.  Some ideas by Earth Wood & Bone, upscale home & body accessories. Art Blog


At least 10 minutes of yoga a day..

This has been one of my 30 day challenges that I have brought into every month.  I start at 10 minutes because it takes the pressure off if you get a little anxious about scheduling time. It also helps create excitement of getting 10 minutes to yourself.  Sometimes I do my own practice based on my own knowledge, but I found that following a class on youtube really helps your mind let go and let your body listen. 

Here is one of my favorite channels to follow: BOHO BEAUTIFUL

Push-ups.. Pick a low starting number, then add at least 2 more per day.

I wasn’t sure if I would ever get past 5 push-ups since a double mastectomy & reconstruction surgery 6 years ago. I’ve been stuck at 10 for a while, so I committed to pushing myself by adding on 2 more every day. Today I reached 30! I learn more every day that the body can go beyond the limits that the mind creates.  

Here's my Commit30 planner 30-day push up/squat challenge chart: My Commit30 Planner 30 day challenge chart.

Purge 5 items per week..

Use a bin, basket or decorative crate to collect items that you are purging.  Maybe start easy with old saggy socks (quitters) or old pillows.  Immediately throw out what can’t be donated and then move the bin to your front door and arrange a donation pick up or grab it on your way out and drop them off.

Creating space by removing stagnant energy provides a feeling of lightness, organization and productivity.

Daily Drawing…

My new 30 day challenge this month is to complete a drawing every day.  My goal is that this becomes a natural occurrence and something that I look forward to as meditative time to myself with the side effect of honing my skills.  I’ve done 2 small sketches so far, nothing crazy.  Anybody can do this, you don’t have to be an artist.

 30 day daily drawing challenge by Earth Wood & Bone, Weber's Art Studio, ARt Blog.

30 day daily drawing challenge by Earth Wood & Bone, Weber's Art Studio, ARt Blog.


Setting up challenges for myself has been a blessing.  By marking my progress on a chart, I've become accountable and excited about accomplishing my goals.  I suggest starting small so you don't overwhelm yourself and then build on it as you move forward.

Happy Planning!


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