5 Tips For Hanging Pictures

Yes, I admit it... I'm an artist and I have lots of nail holes hiding behind my wall hangings!

I definitely disobey the number one rule which is, DON'T EYEBALL IT!  Yes, break out the measuring tape, do some math and get it right the first time.

There's a method of tracing your frames on paper and then taping them to the wall to see where you want to end up.  I haven't done this yet, but I think it's a great idea and I will use it the next time I curate my spaces.

An extremely important rule to follow is to use the proper tools when hanging on drywall.  I've been replacing nails with screws & drywall anchors.  Check out Amazon for some inexpensive kits.  

I recommend stocking up on useful tools that will make your life easier, and keep them in a bin at the ready.   

Check out these useful tips! 

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